Guidance re COVID-19 and associated risk:

REVIEWED: 16th July 2021

As we take another step closer to living and working with less restriction, we must remain cautious in the face of the ongoing risks.

While ‘Freedom Day’ marks the reopening of many services and a return to greater normality, we are being urged to act responsibly.

The consistent message throughout has been to ensure effective hand hygiene, the wearing of suitable face coverings, and the need to maintain space wherever possible. These are proven measures that reduce risk and should continue while infection rates remain high. Although the vaccination programme appears to be proving effective at reducing hospitalisation and deaths as a result of COVID, a continuation of the simple steps we can all take to reduce risk in the training room and beyond is strongly advocated. Along with minimising the spread of infection, a cautious approach will reduce disruption to daily life and enable a less restricted future. 

We echo Professor Chris Whitty’s comments when asked in which situations would he continue to wear a face covering. Despite the legal requirement to wear a face covering being removed on 19th July, we strongly advocate that the wearing of face masks continues within training rooms during the practising of physical skills, and at any other time when in close proximity to one another. Professor Whitty powerfully reminded us that masks ‘protect other people’. We must acknowledge after such a difficult and worrying time for many, that ‘Freedom Day’ will bring with it anxieties to which we must be sensitive. ‘Common courtesy’ shown to those who remain apprehensive, by continuing to take precautions throughout all aspects of a course, are respectful steps we can all take.

The NAPPI uk position therefore recommends a continuation of all measures above, unless a comprehensive risk assessments identifies that alternative approaches are safe.

If I may add a personal reflection: The source of our greatest pride has been the continued support we have been able to provide organisations throughout these challenging times. Behaviour did not stop being a form of communication throughout the pandemic, and Quality of Life did not stop being important. 

We remain wholly committed to ‘changing lives’, as we have throughout, and express our sincere gratitude to all organisations for their continued commitment and patience shown in us.

Best wishes

Scott Edwards
Managing Director