Guidance re COVID-19 and associated risk:

REVIEWED: 30th November 2021

We once again face uncertainty with rising Covid infection rates. Whilst government and public health bodies consider the impact of a new variant, we will return to a more cautious approach to keep everyone safe within the training room.

The consistent message throughout has been to ensure effective hand hygiene, the wearing of suitable face coverings, and the need to maintain space wherever possible. These proven measures reduce risk and will continue while infection rates remain high. Although the vaccination programme appears effective, by continuing simple steps, we can all reduce risk in the training room.

The government has reintroduced the mandatory wearing of face covering in shops, on public transport and in other crowded spaces. Although the responsibility for participants of in-person training typically falls to the employer commissioning the course (or the venue when not directly under the control of NAPPI uk) we strongly advocate that wearing face coverings continues within our training rooms. This will be mandatory (unless valid exemption) when practising physical skills, and at other times when a distance of two-metres cannot be confidently assured, unless a risk assessment identifies alternate measures.

A source of our greatest pride has been the continued support we have been able to provide organisations throughout these challenging times. Behaviour has not stopped being a form of communication and Quality of Life has not stopped being important - arguably, never more so.

We remain wholly committed to ‘changing lives’ and express our sincere gratitude to all organisations for their continued commitment and patience.

Best wishes

Scott Edwards
Managing Director