PBS Cloud Overview - Behaviour monitoring at the click of a button

After receiving NAPPI training, we will work with you to explore ways to embed the training into working practice. Most of this support is fully included within the training fee; however, PBS Cloud is an additional layer, a bespoke behaviour monitoring portal. It is a perfect example of how to get the very best out of NAPPI training.

For INDIVIDUALS supported within your organisation, it means more emphasis is placed on them leading a fulfilling life, with reduced levels of distress.

This image demonstrates how to monitor an individual’s Quality of Life by identifying the things that are on their Green Behaviour Scale.

This image demonstrates the value gained by the individual from a ‘green’ activity.

For EMPLOYEES working within your organisation, it means less of their time is spent completing paperwork, making more time to deliver quality care and provide support.

This image shows the process that a staff member will go through when recording an incident using PBS Cloud. There is also the opportunity to report the pre and post incident factors, providing a complete picture of the incident.

This image shows how the system generates a report based on the information inputted by a staff member, making a consistent way of reporting incidents.

For MANAGERS it means speedier analytics when, with the click of a button they can spot trends and behaviour triggers. It is a more accurate and consistent way to monitor your services to identify areas for improvement. However, it is not just about recording incidents of behaviour of concern, but about identifying positive outcomes too, that can be easily shared with everyone who needs to know.

This image shows how the system pulls data from reports in order to build a ‘Restraint Reduction Plan’ for individuals that are supported. Over a chosen period, managers can reflect on the data and put an action plan in place to reduce restrictive practice and improve Quality of Life.

PBS Cloud has many features which aid the delivery of high-quality care and support, such as tracking progress against care plans, raising safeguarding concerns, recording accidents, developing restraint reduction plans, and for those working in schools, recording attendance.

PBS Cloud is very different to other systems, it’s a behaviour management tool that completes the circle. It ensures that lessons are learned, and these then feed back into working practice. It’s a win-win-win situation... for carers, care managers, and most importantly the individuals you support.

Next Steps:

For further information about the NAPPI PBS Cloud or to arrange a demonstration, please call and speak with one of our team on 01723 353353 or email info@nappiuk.com.