Trainer Account

When working with NAPPI uk, each in-house trainer has access to their own Trainer Account. Within this account the trainer can access all the materials required to prepare, process and record training. Induction to the Trainer Account is provided at no charge and can include induction into the Organisation Account for the management team.

Trainer Details Section

Within this section the trainer is able to:

Note: Trainers who work within organisations that come under the Restraint Reduction (RRN) Training Standards (those inspected by CQC or receive NHS funding and use restrictive practices) can complete their RRN trainer specifications via this account.


The account maintains a record of all training delivered by the trainer. It is the place where the courses can be registered.

Once registered, the trainer can create the pre-course information to distribute to participants and develop the relevant workbook to match the modules that have been selected to meet the training need. They can download the participant registration forms and the assessment tracking document. These can all be downloaded at no additional charge.

Once training has been delivered, the trainer will submit the information via the user-friendly bespoke system. The submission will be audited with evidence of any communication between auditor and trainer. On release of certificates, the trainer will be informed that the certificates are ready for printing. Also attached is the report generated from the submission information, participant evaluation scores and comments, plus the auditor's feedback. This process is all fully inclusive with no limit on numbers.  

Within this section the trainer can access records of the participants that they have trained, whereas the Organisation Account stores records of all participants trained within the organisation


In the resource section the trainers are able to access resources that will assist with training. For example, environmental risk assessments, deferral forms and example outlines.  

They can also access their trainer certificates, trainer course IQA report and their individual feedback from their assessors.

Risk Assessments for all the skills that the trainer is certificated to teach can be downloaded. These are already available to the organisation via the Organisation Account.

Trainer Supplies

NAPPI uk takes pride in providing trainers with all the equipment required to plan, prepare and deliver training - at no additional cost.  However, NAPPI uk recognises that some organisations prefer to purchase hardcopy versions of training materials and these can be ordered within the Trainer Account.    

NAPPI uk takes pride in the relationship with Client Organisations and In-house Trainers.  We can be contacted via the Trainer Account, but equally we enjoy hearing from the trainers directly by phone or email.

Next Steps

For further information about the NAPPI Trainer Account or how NAPPI can assist you to meet your needs, please call and speak with one of our team on 01723 353353 or email