Client support

Inclusive Training

Our trainers are taught to deliver training to a wide range of learners that may have individual needs. The method of delivery has been developed to support different preferred learning styles found within a group. We recognise that learners can have barriers that affect their level of participation. NAPPI uk embraces all aspects of diversity and, as such, we differentiate training delivery and assessment methods as necessary.

Ways that NAPPI can support inclusive learning:

If you require assistance to enhance your NAPPI training experience please contact one of our team to discuss how we can best support you.

Internal and external auditing

100% of courses are audited many having both internal and external audits!

Organisations that have an on-site NAPPI trainer, are provided with an organisational account on the NAPPI website. Through this account an on-site trainer can register courses and access a range of resources. Once a course is registered, the on-site trainer can download pre-course information and generate an individualised workbook to match the course outline. This makes the training individualised to meet the identified organisational need.

After training, the on-site trainer completes the required documentation and submits for audit. First an internal audit can be completed by the identified supervisor, then it is submitted to the NAPPI team for an external audit. This process ensures that a supervisor is fully aware of all training from the trainer's summary and course reflection. Both roles receive feedback from the external auditor enabling evaluation of training against organisational need.