Organisation Account

When working with NAPPI, each client-partner has access to an Organisation Account. Within this account authorised employees(s) can access all information held about training that their employees receive. This is fully inclusive at no additional charge.

Organisations required to evidence records of training to CQC, Safeguarding etc., can use the Organisation account to access records remotely, at any time.

Organisations that come under the Restraint Reduction (RRN) Training Standards (those inspected by CQC, or receiving NHS funding and use restrictive practices) can complete their requirements via this account. See RRN Standards.

Induction to the Organisation Account is provided to authorised employees at no charge.

Organisation Section

When setting up the account, the authorised employee(s) have full control over:

NAPPI Training Records

The account maintains a record of all training delivered, both direct training from NAPPI uk and/or training delivered in-house by certificated NAPPI trainers.  The Organisation Account enables review of the training records of all employees:

Employee Records

The account enables a search to be completed on employee. The organisation can decide the level of searches they wish to access e.g. location and unique reference numbers. Additional information can be recorded such as employee role, date of birth, gender, start dates and first aid certification dates. This information can assist with the analysis of incidents, as does the ability to reference the employees’ level of competence relating to the Benner Scale.

Services / Departments

This section enables locations to be added, with the service managers details and login password. For RRN compliance it is a place where a home can be allocated as requiring a Training Needs Analyses (TNA).

Service User Records

This section enables service users to be added, with optional details of location, gender, date of birth, admission dates, placing authority and key worker.

The Organisation Account enables creation of individualised Amber, Red and Green Behaviour Scales for each service user. These can be securely stored and accessed by authorised employee(s), which may include an allocated key worker. This links directly to training in the NAPPI Positive Behaviour Support Model and can be implemented after training.

Risk Assessments

The Organisation Account provides access to Risk Assessments for all physical skills that are taught to their employees. This enables consultation with a medical practitioner to review possible increased risks for a service user with an identified need for restrictive physical interventions and has health concerns. It also enables the organisation to review any employee’s health concerns, following organisational occupational health procedures.


Organisations with certified NAPPI trainers in-house can use the Organisation Account as an umbrella over the individual Trainer’s Account.  From this screen authorised employee(s) can view trainers’ names, the modules each one is certified to deliver, recertification dates, certificates and feedback reports.  

Furthermore, courses can be registered, pre-course information created, plus course workbooks and documentation generated to enable administration employees to support the trainers.  All training records, including feedback from NAPPI auditors can be viewed. This enables supervision and support of trainers located across the country by line managers.

Next Steps:

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