Recertification (refresher) Training

The Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) Training Standards requires refresher training to take place “as aminimum annually” and must include competence testing for minimum content requirements

The standards state that refresher training must have annual core content, and an additional rolling programme of remaining content. NAPPI uk uses the term ‘recertification’, rather than ‘refresher’, because we do not merely refresh past training, but introduce new material each year. 

NAPPI uk have developed a four-year rolling-programme for one-day recertification of Level 1 psychological ‘core content’.  Core content must be completed before any Level 2 restrictive physical intervention skills can be recertified.

Participants can join the programme at any theme but can only attend recertification training if they have already attended Initial training. Initial training and recertification training cannot be combined.

Year 1: Initial Training

See example outline.

Year 2: Rolling Recertification Training

One-day recertification of core modules, including any one of the following themes.

Theme 1: Quality of Life & Active Support

See example outline.

1a: Introducing Active Support
1b: Review of the NAPPI PBS Model
Recertification of Amber Awareness
SMART Approach to Developing Partnerships

Theme 2: Increasing Understanding through Challenging Assumptions

2a: Challenging Assumptions 
2b: Review of the NAPPI PBS Model
Non-restrictive tertiary strategies
2d: SMART Approach to protecting Human Rights

Theme 3: Assessment and De-escalation of Behaviour of Concern

3a: Increasing Awareness of Staff Responses
3b: Review of the NAPPI PBS Model
Non-restrictive tertiary strategies
SMART Approach to Restraint Reduction Planning

Theme 4: Increasing Understanding through Functional Awareness

4a: Building upon Functional Awareness 
4b: Review of the NAPPI PBS Model
Non-restrictive tertiary strategies
SMART Approach to Trauma Informed Care

On-Site Trainers are recertified each year to deliver additional material, meaning they develop an increasing portfolio of training modules they can deliver. 

Each year’s Trainer’s Recertification is supported by Remote sessions for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to upskill in-house trainers with new material.


Direct training from NAPPI uk Limited £945.00 + expenses + VAT for a group of up to 18 participants. Travel and accommodation additionally charged.

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Direct training dates booked by contacting NAPPI uk using the Contact Us tab.

Delivery Options

Direct training from NAPPI uk Limited.

Onsite delivery from a certificated NAPPI trainer.

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