Core Capabilities Mandatory Training - Trainer Programme

Learning Disability and Autism Training is now a mandatory requirement for health and social care employees, as mandated by the Health and Care Act 2022.

The NAPPI approach is to develop an in-house Training Team. The team will consist of a Lead-trainer and two Co-trainers (one individual with a Learning Disability and one individual on the Autism spectrum). The training team will be supported to deliver training that is mapped to meet the mandatory requirements for both Tier 1 and Tier 2 of the:

  • Core Capabilities Framework for Supporting Individuals with a Learning Disability
  • Core Capabilities Framework for Supporting Autistic People

It is undisputedly best practice to include Experts-by-Experience within the delivery of training, yet rarely are they adequately prepared for this role. This Core Capabilities Framework Trainer programme first trains the Lead-trainer in content, then gives guidance on how to mentor the Co-trainers.

Our approach advocates far beyond involvement – encouraging growth, continuous development and meaningful employment for Experts-by-Experience, whose voice simply must be heard.

NAPPI uk have two Co-trainer development courses, modelled on the journey and considerable achievements of Experts-by-Experience since 2012.

  • Level 1: Preparing the venue
  • Level 2: Preparing for training

The Lead-trainer (as a mentor) is given guidance on how to gather appropriate evidence to meet the assessment criteria. Evidence is uploaded to the NAPPI Distance Learning portal and scrutinised by the Quality Assurance team before certification is released.

We recognise that each Co-trainer will have different skills and different support needs. By using our tried and tested Developing a Training Partnership model, we assist to create Individual Learning Plans for each Co-trainer.

Course outlines are developed to support inclusion for different ability levels that enables increased involvement from the Co-trainers as their competence and confidence levels increase.


£765.00 + VAT (per 12 month licence)

Each licence includes development of one Lead-trainer and two Co-trainers; trainer manual; unlimited workbook download; auditing of courses and certification.

NOTE: This training is subsidised for current NAPPI clients - £495.00 + VAT per 12-month licence (for limited period only).

19-06-2024 and 20-06-2024 (two-day course).

Further Information

Pre-requisite for each Lead-trainer to hold a teaching or training qualification i.e. Award in Education and Training (AET), or to be a NAPPI trainer. For those without a qualification we can provide appropriate training.

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