Mechanics of Breathing

All NAPPI training courses that contain a restrictive (restraint) skill, includes instruction of the mechanics of breathing. It is really important that when care staff use a restrictive physical intervention that they have a good understanding of the processes involved in breathing. Whilst all restrictive physical interventions carry risk, having knowledge of what is involved for an individual to be able to breath, will reduce the risk during the safe application of a restrictive skill.

During training, NAPPI trainers create a diagram to aide delivery of this session. They do not use a power-point slide with a text-book anatomical drawing, instead they draw it step-by-step as they explain each mechanism, because they really understand what they are teaching and why it is so important.

The artwork was commissioned to Senior Concept Artist Meg Owenson. Meg creates numerous complex pictures for the film industry so anyone would be forgiven for thinking that the drawing is complex. However, Meg designed it to be simple to draw, so that it could be replicated during training to aide instruction. Meg also created a step-by-step guide that can be viewed here.

NAPPI uk supports the involvement of Experts by Experience within training, but recognises that not everyone wants to stand in front of the room and be a trainer. There are lots of ways to involve service users in training, by providing them with meaningful activities that build on their strengths. Here is an example of a creative Co-Production activity, a Mechanics of Breathing chart drawn by a very talented service user from Swanton Care & Community.

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