Epilepsy Awareness Workshop


The aim of this training is to increase awareness of Epilepsy. This awareness will help reduce the stigma and discrimination that still exists despite the introduction of the Equality Act (2010).

Increased awareness of how an individual may be affected by Epilepsy will assist staff to understand how they may feel, leading to how they may behave. This understanding enables staff to give more effective support to assist the individuals have increased independence and reduced risk.

This workshop is a stand-alone-course that has strong links to the NAPPI Positive Behaviour Support continuum. The more staff are aware about how an individual has been affected by epilepsy, the more aware they can be of how behaviours of concern are directly linked to seizure activity and this awareness can assist staff to support an individual to have a better quality of life.

Awareness Workshop Pricing:

The cost of attending the 3 hour workshop is £75 + VAT per person for the first 1 - 4 participants. The price is reduced to £60 + VAT per person for 5 - 9 participants and then further reduced to £45 + VAT per person for 10 or more participants.

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This awareness workshop is suitable for those those who come into contact with people who have epilepsy.
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