NAPPI Positive Behaviour Support Model Training of Trainer Programme

NAPPI uk has been providing health and social care organisations with the NAPPI Positive Behaviour Support Model for nearly 25 years.

Over the years NAPPI uk has successfully trained hundreds of individuals to become trainers in the NAPPI PBS Model to enable them to deliver to their own staff teams. Onsite trainers are comprehensively supported by our online systems to develop training materials, process and certificate training (after a robust IQA process) all at no additional cost. Having your own onsite trainer has many benefits and can be a cost effective solution for most organisations.

There are different lengths of trainer programmes (depending on your identified needs) with all courses containing the NAPPI PBS modules. The majority of our clients find their needs are met with the Level 1 trainer programme, a five-day course that contains primary and some (non-restrictive) secondary prevention strategies. However, when there is an identified need to use restrictive practices within an individual's support plan, NAPPI can support with a Level 2 or Level 3 programme.

We are approved by BILD ACT (Association of Certified Training) to deliver training that complies with the RRN Training Standards. We are working with existing and new clients to support them to provide evidence of meeting the RRN Training Standards.

Course aims

  • To give new trainers the mixture of skills needed to deliver courses relevant to the identified needs of staff groups.
  • To teach the skills required to deliver courses of various length, from as little as one hour (as part of a staff meeting), up to four full training days.
  • To develop individualised course development and the production of organisational training materials e.g. outlines, manuals.
  • To meet the requirements of the RRN Training Standards (Level 2 and Level 3 only).

Course objectives

The training of trainer (ToT) course provides a sound technical and practical understanding of the Psychological and Physical modules of the NAPPI PBS Model programme. The course also develops the learner's confidence in the delivery of training by highlighting key presentation skills and providing a solid structure to follow. This ensures each new NAPPI trainer is capable of delivering the training in a clear, concise, informative and safe way.

Health & social care workers who support, or come into contact with vulnerable adults.

Requirements for being a NAPPI Trainer

All trainer candidates must have had a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. No person is eligible to deliver NAPPI training who might normally be prevented from working with vulnerable persons under statutory provision.

A trainer who is required to deliver OCN (London) endorsed training, or the RRN Certificated training will need to meet the trainer specification.

Selection of Potential Trainers

When selecting individuals to send on this course the organisation should consider if the individual has both relevant work-based experience and good attitude to the principles of promoting good practice in the interests of the customers they serve. It is an advantage, not a requirement, to have previous presentation skills. The course teaches delivery and presentation skills so the main consideration should be whether the individual has a positive attitude and credibility within the staff team.

Restraint training requires a certain level of physical fitness in the trainer. It is important that the trainer understands what is required prior to attending this course.
NAPPI PBS Model Level 1

Swindon (Alexandra House) 07-09-2020
Croydon (Croydon Park Hotel) 26-10-2020

NAPPI PBS Model Level 1 Advanced

Croydon (Croydon Park Hotel) 09-11-2020

NAPPI PBS Model Level 2

Croydon (Croydon Park Hotel) 09-11-2020

NAPPI PBS Model Level 1 Recertification

Scarborough (Crown Hotel) 12-10-2020
Nottingham (Eastwood Hall) 02-11-2020
Croydon (Croydon Park Hotel) 23-11-2020

NAPPI PBS Model Level 2 Recertification

Scarborough (Crown Hotel) 14-10-2020
Nottingham (Eastwood Hall) 04-11-2020
Croydon (Croydon Park Hotel) 25-11-2020

NAPPI PBS Model Level 3

Scarborough (Crown Hotel) 15-10-2020
Nottingham (Eastwood Hall) 05-11-2020
Croydon (Croydon Park Hotel) 12-11-2020
Croydon (Croydon Park Hotel) 26-11-2020

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