A Lived Experience of PBS

Tony Hart is one of the NAPPI uk training team and works within the Co-Production department. He is also an Expert by Experience, which means that he has a lived experience of care services.

In 2013 Tony was acknowledged by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) as being "the first service user to present at [the BILD accreditation] panel."  He explained how his life changed when a behaviour specialist took time to really get to know him. He watched her deliver the NAPPI Positive Support Model (PBS) and later asked her to introduce him to the "NAPPI boss", so he could ask about becoming a trainer.

Tony realised that to be taken seriously he needed more credibility and completed a Level 3 Award in Understanding and Using Inclusive Teaching and Learning Approaches. This enabled him to become the first (and only) service user to achieve the status of a BILD accredited trainer under the now disbanded accreditation scheme.  BILD said, "The development of a service user to achieve the status of trainer, at a pace dictated by the service user with skilled and sensitive use of support, is an exemplary piece of work that could serve as a model for other organisations."  (BILD assessor, June, 2016).

Supported by his tutor Chris, now turned training partner, the presentation is now an interactive session using the dynamic graphic of the NAPPI PBS Model. Tony explains how the use of PBS has enabled him to cope during times of stress. In simple terms he shows how the more Green things (quality of life) in your life, there isn’t room for the Red things (behaviour of Concern), but the starting point is learning to recognise and cope with triggers. He explains that little things that support staff can do every single day can dramatically improve the quality of life of the people they support.

Tony and Chris deliver regular training sessions and conference presentations around the UK and in 2019 presented at an International Conference in Krakow, Poland.

Here are some comments from Tony's participants:

"This session has helped me recognise that even the smallest contributions to somebody's Green Scale can have a big effect to their quality of life"

"Very interesting to hear new and well informed point of view, I will now adjust how I plan activities with the people I support"

"Tony highlighted how simple and effective the NAPPI PBS Model can be, and has been throughout his journey in care"

"I am really looking forward to sharing Tony's message with my staff and service users. Tony proved that this works, Thank you!"

For further information about workshops on A Lived Experience, please contact info@nappiuk.com