NAPPI skills on Safety Pods™

NAPPI uk Limited provides training and solutions for organisations that have selected to use Safety Pods™ as part of their identified restraint reduction initiative. An increasing number of our clients have achieved considerable success, some reporting a reduction of floor restraints all the way to zero.  Whilst achieving zero restraint usage should always be the ultimate goal, it is nonetheless a very positive step to reduce the residual risk by providing an alternative to restraining someone on the floor.

Safety Pods™ are increasingly being adopted as a means to provide environmental support for vulnerable individuals of all ages who present with behaviour of concern, or for clinical reasons such as medication administration and venepuncture.  The pods are being use in a range of different sectors, such as the NHS Mental Health services, Elderly Care, Autism and Learning Disability services. 

Physical Skills

NAPPI uk has developed two skills for use on Safety Pods™  

  1. Recline position (safety pod)
  2. Recovery position (safety pod)

Each of these skills can be completed with the XL Foam Cushion that reduces risk from a service user who may kick out.

Physical Safety Pod™ skills are taught to staff teams following the completion of a Training Needs Analysis and Individualised Risk Assessment when a need has been identified. This process is a requirement of the Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) Training Standards and the NAPPI physical pod skills are part of the NAPPI RRN approved curriculum.

Risk Management 

NAPPI only teaches skills that have been deemed to cause minimum impact and to be appropriate for use across all populations. The comprehensive Risk Assessments comply with the requirements of the RRN Training Standards and include aspects such as the ease of training, complexity, effectiveness, and any fragility of the skills.  See NAPPI Approach to risk management.

Delivery Options 

Direct Training to a group of your employees. Group size will be restricted to 12 participants as determined by the RRN Training Standards.

Training of Trainer for pod skills (Level 3) can be provided following completion of earlier trainer levels at Level 1 and Level 2.  See NAPPI Trainer programmes.

Next Steps 

Please call and speak with one of our team on 01723 353353 to discuss NAPPI skills for use with the Safety Pod™  or email