Level 3 Qualification 'Implement Positive Behaviour Support'

The aim of this course is to develop employees who support individuals who have complex needs and can display behaviour of concern. 

This course is particularly useful for those employees required to provide a professional qualification. For example, as required by Approved Trainers under the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards (2019):

A qualification or training that indicates professional competence and understanding of the sector in which they are delivering training”

It provides the learner with the knowledge, understanding and skills, required to implement a Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) Model for individuals who frequently display behaviour of concern. PBS is an evidenced-based approach with a primary goal of increasing an individual’s quality of life, with a secondary goal of decreasing the frequency and severity of their behaviour of concern.

This course covers the following:

Structure of the unit:

This course is a stand-alone-unit of the Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care (RQF Unit code is: M/616/8634) Credit value: 6. Performance Outcomes: 6. 

The qualification can be undertaken alone but links with the knowledge and skills required for the Apprenticeship Standard Lead Adult Care Worker. It is applicable to a variety of job roles including below lead adult care worker and lead personal assistant.

Qualification purpose:

The qualification develops the knowledge, skills and competence of learners working in a wide range of roles in a health and social care setting. Learners must be in paid or voluntary work to enable assessment to take place. The purpose of the qualification is to support a role in the workplace and to enable learners to progress to a higher-level qualification in the same subject area. For more info please call 01723 353353 or email info@nappiuk.com

Next steps:

Email NAPPI about this course

For further information on this and all of our other courses please call 01723 353353 or email info@nappiuk.com

Distance Learning. Our team will induct you onto the online portal (no literacy and numeracy tests are required for this unit). From the outset our training team will seek to understand your needs, your time frames and your personal circumstances.

You will then be assigned a personal tutor who will work with you on a one-to-one basis, at the pace that you have jointly agreed. Whilst you need to be self-directed, your tutor will nudge you as agreed should you lose motivation.

In order to pass the 4 Performance Outcomes, you will need to present evidence to demonstrate that you can meet the criteria. This will consist of 3 worksheets and completion of a PBS Plan. At level 3 you are required to present work that demonstrates you can link theory into practice. You will be expected to read and research and to appropriately source your material. If you are unfamiliar with this process, your tutor will guide you.

The assessment criteria determine the standard that is required. Work will be marked at regular intervals with personalised feedback through the online portal. You will be able to track your progress by viewing amber ticks for partial completion and green ticks for full completion. Following successful completion of Internal Quality Assurance, certificates will be issued by TQUK.

Learners work at their own pace and can complete the award in two to six weeks, with an average being four weeks. This qualification does not require attendance at a college, so is very suitable for people who work shifts. The online system provides 24/7 access to the assignments and assessor feedback.

All assignments are completed and stored online and, as such, can be accessed from any venue with access to the internet. This means you can complete your award from work or home. The qualification is broken down into small bite sized chunks making it achievable for busy people.

NAPPI assessors recognise that each learner is unique and plan person-centred progress throughout with regular access to a personal assessor. This is ideal for those who are nervous, or who have not completed formal education for a while, or who are just simply busy. Increasingly this delivery option is chosen by people living in remote places and those working abroad.

The cost of completing the Level 3 Qualification 'Implement Positive Behaviour Support' is £249.00 plus VAT per learner.

Special rate for existing NAPPI trainers: £199.00 + VAT.

A start date can be set that best suits your requirements. Please contact NAPPI for more information.