Individual Risk Assessments - NAPPI Approach (RRN)

Under the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards, the commissioning organisation is required to complete Individual Risk Assessments (IRAs), for each service user who may be required to be restricted with a physical intervention or Clinical Hold. 

This is a time-consuming process, so NAPPI uk have developed a bespoke system to support client-partners meet their requirements. This service is fully inclusive, there is no additional charge.

Furthermore, NAPPI uk goes way beyond the RRN requirements, not only processing IRAs for those service users who have been identified as needing restrictive practices, but processing IRAs for those services users who require self-protection skills only and those who do not require physical skills at all. We are not looking simply to reduce the use of restraint, we are looking to reduce distress and trauma - and in doing so, increase quality of life.  

Individual Risk Assessments (IRA)

This gathers service user-specific information, such as:

Download the Completing an Individual Risk Assessment User Guide here.


Data gathered from the Training Needs Analyses (TNA) and the Individual Risk Assessment (IRA) is analysed to highlight any current increased risks posed to the service user or to the employees to be trained. This information is produced into a comprehensive report.

Recommendation Report

This provides the outcomes of service user-specific data analysis, such as:

A rationale for usage and provision of training, is based on current evidence and the past two years of incident data. If the training of a restrictive physical skill is recommended by NAPPI uk, it must also be authorised by a named person within the commissioning organisation. This service is fully inclusive, there is no additional charge.

Next Steps

For further information about how NAPPI can support you with the RRN Training Standards, please call one of the team on 01723 353353 or email