BTEC Level 3 Award in Education and Training (RQF) (12 credits)

The Award in Education & Training was introduced in September 2013 to replace the Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector, as an initial award for those who deliver adult learning. It demonstrates that learners have a good understanding of their role, can organise effective learning, and have personally developed through evaluation and reflective practice. This 12-credit Pearson Edexcel Award is accredited with the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority. Three units are completed online and a 15 minute micro-teach session is recorded and submitted for assessment.

Work at your own pace.

Candidates work at their own pace and can complete the award in six weeks to twelve months, with an average being three-months. This award does not require 10-12 weeks attendance at a college, so is very suitable for people who work shifts. The online system provides 24/7 access to the assignments and assessor feedback.

You must be willing to undertake an initial assessment of your skills in English, mathematics and ICT.

All of your assignments are completed and stored online and, as such, can be accessed from any venue with access to the internet. This means you can complete your award from work or home.

There is no requirement to write an essay. The Award is broken down into small bite sized chunks making it achievable for busy people.

NAPPI assessors recognise that each candidate is unique and plan person-centred progress throughout with regular access to a personal-assessor. This is ideal for those who are nervous, or who have not completed formal education for a while, or who are just simply busy. Increasingly this delivery option is chosen by people living in remote places and those working abroad.

Feedback from our External Verifiers at TQUK - September 2020:

"The learner has completed their portfolio of evidence via an on line portal that has the units and the learning outcomes mapped to the qualification specification. The standard of the learners evidence is very good and they have provided some very good detail and examples of evidence.  The assessor  has assessed each submission of evidence from the learner and they have provided them with feedback that is motivational and supportive. Where the learner has not fully met the unit criteria the assessor has provided the learner with advice and guidance on the areas that require further developments. These have been re-submitted and re-assessed and the assessor has confirmed that the learning outcomes have been fully achieved. The learner has provided details of research and resources used for their development. IQA activities have been undertaken and the IQA has provided the assessor with very detailed feedback to their assessments of the the learners evidence. The IQA has confirmed that the evidence is valid and and fair, to confirm that the units sampled meet the qualification requirements. No actions have been identified and I agree with the assessment decisions to certificate this learner."

Feedback from our External Verifiers at TQUK - November 2019:

"The learner has completed their evidence via an online portal where the unit and learning outcomes have been clearly identified to the qualification. The assessor has ensured that each learning outcomes has been assessed and the assessor has provided the learner with feedback to each learning outcome. The feedback provided is clear and concise and provides the learner with good references to the learners work that has been provided. IQA activities have been undertaken and the IQA has completed a very detailed IQA report and identifies areas of good practice used by the assessor. I agree with the judgments of both the assessor and the IQA for this learner."

Feedback from our External Verifiers at Pearson - March 2019 visit:

Centre Recognition Criteria:

"Staff have appropriate teacher training qualifications to effectively deliver the courses and CPD was evident on the day of the visit. Staff are appropriately qualified and staff who delivered on the programmes were experienced and competent in Teacher Training. The centre has the appropriate resources to effectively deliver the qualifications and all learner work is kept in e-portfolios, these are held securely and safe. Records of learners are kept confidential, password protected and therefore data protected."

Learner Support:

"Learners were supported well on the courses and received suitable information advice and guidance. Learners complete diagnostic assessments as part of the entry requirements. Individual support is given and communication with learners was regular and very good. There were very good communication and effective policies in place to support the learners and effectively deliver the qualification."

Assessment and Verification:

"Assessments were carried out by qualified staff and assessment decisions are recorded. The centre provided the learners with detailed information explaining what must be completed within the e-portfolio. All learning outcomes and assessment criteria were evident. Assessment methods included written work, reflective accounts, micro teach, reflective journals, and classroom assessments. It was also evident during the visit learners had presented the work in an organised manner and portfolios were presented well. Feedback by the tutors was detailed and feedback overall was excellent for the micro teach/observation, constructive comments were evident: giving learners areas for improvement and targeted developments.

The IV process is in place and it is evident the procedures were completed as paperwork was given on the visit. A full IV plan was evident on the day and used consistently in the department to show planned sampling. The IV documentation is detailed and includes specific targets and constructive comments including clear guidance for assessors to improve. IQA is timely and robust. All records are in place and there is an effective system in place to monitor all learners registered on the courses in line with Pearson requirements. No significant failings were identified at the centre for this visit."

Feedback from our External Verifiers at Pearson Edexcel - December 2016 visit:

Centre Recognition Criteria:

"All delivery staff are suitably qualified. In terms of physical resources, the centre has a well-organised online platform providing a range of learning and assessment materials."

Learner Support:

"The centre continues to offer good learner support, which includes a comprehensive initial assessment process (500 word personal statement, learning styles questionnaire and diagnostic assessment of the three functional skills). The online platform is well structured and the content is well presented.

Telephone conversations with learners today confirmed that their tutors are supportive and they enjoyed the flexibility of the distance-learning approach to learning and assessment. They confirmed the textbooks they were using are user-friendly and appropriate to their studies and these form the basis of their extended research online. Learners are aware of the appeals process should this be required."

Assessment and Verification:

"Assessment and verification for the Level 3 Education and Training programme is valid and decisions are accurate. Learners undertake the micro-teach session in their workplace with an audience of their colleagues and/or managers. A DVD recording is then forwarded to the centre for evaluative feedback and assessment decisions. A recording of a micro-teach session was reviewed during the sample and the assessment decisions agreed.

There are no significant failings identified during this visit. The centre is proactive in responding to constructive feedback from Pearson SVs and it is encouraging to see the distance travelled from evidence presented a few years ago to that of today. Robust initial assessment process. Detailed and constructive feedback provided to learners."

Feedback from July 2015 visit:

"Portfolios demonstrate consistency in the quality of assessment and IQA activity and recording conducted at the centre. Complying with award and awarding body requirements. Evidence presented is of a very high standard and is representative of the learner. Effective use of learner statements, worksheets and self evaluation completed by the learner. All assessments and IQA decisions are justified with clear and concise feedback. Guidance and support recorded is clear and concise. Feedback is both constructive and supportive throughout. Well done."

Previous Feedback:

"Centre policies and records are readily available for audit and comply with centre approval, OFQUAL and external agencies requirements. Procedures are clearly defined, recorded and practiced by all members of the team. No concerns recorded. Well done."

"Internal Quality Assurance systems and processes practiced at the centre are robust ensuring quality is maintained and reviewed as an ongoing process to address future demands. All guidance, support and feedback is both constructive and supportive across all learners. Census points are agreed for each learner to monitor progress and identify where help is needed. Feedback is clear, concise, constructive and supportive throughout. Records are maintained in an auditable manner. Team are looking to expand their expertise in assessment and IQA to meet the changing demands of awards under QCF. No concerns recorded. Well done."

"Learner's portfolios are comprehensive and are consistant with the quality practiced within the centre. Assignments and Micro teach sessions conducted and recorded are comprehensive. Assessment and internal QA feedback is constructive, supportive and informative. Learners provide full justification of their methods and support these where needed by referencing relevent theorists using Harvard style of referencing. They all give a reflective account on each assignment highlighting areas where they could improve the learners experience. In doing so they have self evaluated their own performance and acted on areas they and their assessor have identified as needing some change. This is consistent across all portfolios. No concerns recorded. Well done."

"Assessors are maintaining good standards in the quality of assessment recorded in portfolios, complying with centre approval and award criteria. Learners have presented portfolios of evidence ranging from learner statements, self evaluation, questions, product, lesson plans and Micro Teaching. Throughout each portfolio there is recorded excellent examples of good practice by the learners in the use of referencing using the Harvard style. Feedback from assessors is both constructive and supportive and in some cases informative. No concerns recorded. Well done."

Comments from some of our learners:

"I have enjoyed and gained a lot of valuable knowledge from the course and from Denise. It will support me in my new role and enable me to deliver training that is relevant to the organisations and workforce."

AET Award 2019.

"I have a very different approach to each member I work with and this course has helped me do that."

AET Award 2019.

"I am very thankful I had a demanding assessor. It allowed me to understand my mistakes and more to know the knowledge."

AET Award 2019.

"I feel that I have learnt how to plan well for assessments and how to give feedback to the staff, I have more confidence when speaking out in front of the staff in meetings due to the micro teach session."

AET Award 2018.

"Being a busy professional and travelling globally I needed to be able to work towards my Level 3 Award in Education and Training at my own pace. My course tutor/assessor was really supportive, flexible and accommodating in being able to communicate with me through tutorials, often facilitated out-of-hours. Guidance and feedback was provided to a very high standard, throughout the programme. I would definitely recommend NAPPI uk distance learning to any individual who is looking to learn around their busy schedule."

Mark J Turner
Director MJ Airport Associates Ltd
AET Award May 2015.

"Thank you so much for your support. As I stated at the start I had my reservations about the course and the thought of having to do it was quite demoralising but I couldn't have been more wrong. You have helped me use this as REAL reflective process and I have got so much out of it. Much of this was because of your support. I will miss our discussions and I thank you for such an insightful and interesting opportunity. Good luck with the course."

Dr Kate Payling
AET Award January 2014.

"Finally I'd like to reflect on how important the role of the assessor is. Receiving prompt and supportive feedback is vital to keep the momentum going. Carefully worded reflections on work submitted empower the process and I am grateful to have had such an engaging and supportive assessor.

Whilst PTLLS is primarily focused on teachers, I still found it very relevant to my own role as a trainer. Sessions still need to be effectively planned, assessments need to be carried out, records kept and boundaries maintained. In addition, this is a good foundation for anyone wishing to go further into the teaching world and I wouldn't rule this out as a possibility for myself. One of the unexpected benefits is how I have developed in my capacity to coach others in the 'art of teaching', something I have enjoyed sharing very much."

Richard Mills
PTLLS Award March 2013.

"Thank you for the high level of advice and guidance you have provided. It has been a pleasure to do this course with NAPPI."

"I really enjoyed doing this course and feel I have learnt a lot which I have already put into practice."

The cost of completing the 12 credit Level 3 Award in Education and Training is £525 + VAT. Please note that we are sometimes able to take payment in installments (no certification would be awarded until full payment was received).
Three units are completed online and a 15 minute micro-teach session is recorded and submitted for assessment. The units are assessed using a holistic approach, incorporating worksheets, professional discussion, recorded Skype tutorials and reflective journals.
A start date can be set that best suits your requirements. Please contact NAPPI for more information.