PBS Cloud (Behaviour/Incident Reporting Tool) - See for Free

PBS Cloud is an accurate and easy-to-use incident reporting tool.  It enables staff to effectively report both low level and crisis behaviour. It also provides information on strategies that have been approved to support the individual. The data can be collected for the whole organisation’s statistics, or broken down into each service, site, and individual.

This image shows how the system generates a report based on the information inputted by a staff member, making a consistent way of reporting incidents.

PBS Cloud is much more than an incident reporting tool. Activities can be added to the individual’s weekly timetable and evidence that the activity is meaningful. Reporters can measure (and evidence) that using primary prevention strategies, reduced behaviour of concern and increases an individual’s quality of life.

This image shows the management overview of the incident.

See for Free - What to expect?

We will give you an overview of the PBS Cloud in around 45 minutes, showing the key features and benefits, followed by a question and answer session. Our aim is to provide an opportunity to increase your understanding of the issues and what our model has to offer.

Why use PBS Cloud?

In a recent survey a current PBS Cloud user said, “PBS Cloud has been an effective reporting and recording tool that we have used to reduce impact and frequency of incidents and interventions with our residents, to improve their lives and ours”.



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