Rapid Entire Body Assessment (REBA)

The REBA tool was developed to make a rapid evaluation of the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) associated with certain tasks. The tool uses a systematic process to assess both upper and lower parts of the musculoskeletal system, for biomechanical and MSD risks.

The final output of the REBA test is a single score that represents the level of MSD risk for the task that is being assessed.

The minimum REBA Score = 1
The maximum REBA Score = 15

NAPPI physical skills have all undergone extensive assessment using REBA other assessment tools. The NAPPI risk assessment documents were developed by an Independent Biomechanical Expert who used REBA scores during the review as required every two years by the Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) Training Standards (2019).

Self-Protection Skills

Name of Skill REBA Score
X-Shield 4
Grab Release 3
Hair Pull Release 3
Bite Avoidance 3
Front Choke Escape 4

NAPPI Restrictive Skills

Name of Skill REBA Score

Capture Wrap Staff 1: 4 - Staff 2: 4
Capture Wrap to Two Person Moving Staff 1: 5 - Staff 2: 5

Two Person Moving Staff 1: 6 - Staff 2: 6

Two Person Moving to Capture Wrap
Staff 1: 5 - Staff 2: 5

One Arm Body Wrap
Capture Wrap to Seated Staff 1: 8 - Staff 2: 8

Seated Staff 1: 8 - Staff 2: 8

Supine Staff 1 & 2: 7 - Staff 3: 7 - Staff 4: 7

Recovery Position Right Arm: 8 - Left Arm: 4 - Legs: 7

NAPPI Clinical Holding Skills

Name of Skill REBA Score

One Person Stationary Laying Staff 1: 8 - Staff 2: 7

One Person Stationary Seated
One Person Stationary Standing
Two Person Rolling Technique Staff 1: 3 - Staff 2: 4

Two Person Stationary Laying
Securing Head: 3 - Securing Legs: 4

Two Person Stationary Seated
Two Person Stationary Standing
Right Side: 5 - Left Side:  5

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See Trainer Specification (RRN).

For further information about NAPPI Restrictive Physical skills or Clinical Holding skills and how they link to the NAPPI PBS Model, please call and speak with one of our team.