BSL Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Model - Trainer Programme

NAPPI uk Limited have limited places available on the first Level 1 NAPPI PBS Model Trainer programme, specifically for those who use BSL as a first language.

PBS strategies are supported by the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis and lead to the identification of the function of behaviour, and development of alternative methods of communication. Ultimately such strategies aim to reduce behaviour of concern and increase quality of life.


Hosted by our long-term partners, the Percy Hedley Foundation, the training will be delivered at one of their sites in Newcastle. NAPPI uk and the Percy Hedley Foundation have worked in partnership for over 20 years and are jointly committed to the success of this exciting development.

The Percy Hedley Foundation have always embraced new practices and technologies to enhance learning opportunities of pupils. This programme has been specifically developed by NAPPI uk to meet the needs of their Deaf employees.

This Level 1 five-day programme will cover psychological PBS modules to enable successful participants to deliver NAPPI training to Deaf, hearing impaired, and hearing employees. Comprehensive support is given via the NAPPI portal to provide work materials, process training records and issue certificates following successful audit.

In our experience, organisations that successfully embed the NAPPI PBS Model do not usually require physical skills and rarely Restrictive Physical Skills. However, in cases where there is an identified need, physical skills, including restrictive skills can be delivered by NAPPI uk Ltd., or by an in-house trainer completing physical skill training. Identification will follow the processes of Training Needs Analyses and individual Risk Assessments, in accordance with the Restraint Reduction Network Training standards. 


The cost of attending is £2095.00 + VAT per person.

For multi place bookings the cost is £1695.00 + VAT.

Please contact NAPPI uk using the Contact Us tab for a quote.


11th - 15th December 2023. 9.00 am - 5.00 pm.

Delivery Options

This course is supported with BSL interpreters.

Please contact NAPPI uk using the Contact Us tab for further details.

Further Information

This is the first NAPPI Positive Behaviour Support Model taught to individuals who use BSL as a first language. This Level 1 course does not contain physical skills.

Please contact NAPPI uk using the Contact Us tab if these are required.