Human Rights Awareness


The aim of this training is to increase awareness of Human Rights, because increased awareness can improve experiences for service users living in services, for the employees working in services and for the service providers.Taking a Human Rights Based Approach can lay strong foundations for equality, adult protection and mental health legislation.

Human rights should not be seen as a risk or a burden, but as a tool for decision-making and a means to improve service delivery. Participants will learn about the Absolute and Qualified Rights that are most relevant to the health and social care setting.

This Human Rights awareness session is aimed at senior staff and managers.

NAPPI Remote Delivery

The awareness session is 90 minutes long, delivered over one block.

  • Block 1: Human Rights Awareness

Awareness Workshop Pricing

The cost of booking a Closed Block for a group of up to 18 participants is: £330.00 + VAT.

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