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NAPPI Remote Delivery blocks can accommodate up to eighteen participants on the Zoom video conferencing platform course.

We require each participant's name and email address so we can email pre-course information. This will provide the link to selected sessions and workbook(s) to assist participants fully engage in the training.

Access to training may not be possible without meeting the following criteria.

Pre-course: Participants receive pre-course information (BEFORE the day of training) with Login details and workbook.
Device ratios: Ideally each participant should have their own device. However, computers, laptops or tablets can have up to three people on the screen (all must be clearly visible). Mobile phones, can have only one participant on screen and the phone should only be used for this purpose throughout. NOTE: Using a mobile phone in a vehicle is not acceptable.
Functionality: Camera and Microphone should be fully functioning to support an interactive session, similar to learning within a training room.
Start time: Training will start promptly. We allow up to 15 minutes for technical issues, but after that the session will be closed to allow time to cover the content. Logging in approximately 10 minutes before the start time is strongly recommended.
Workbook: Participants should have access to the workbook provided. Ideally printed before the course, but if not possible, notes should be made through-out and the workbook completed later.

Individual certificates will be released following course processing and Internal Quality Assurance. These will be sent directly to the participant unless another email address has been provided by the commissioning organisation. Provision of this information will be confirmation of your agreement to receive these documents in this manner.

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Please note following registration, training fees for Open Remote Delivery blocks are non-refundable. However, when given a minimum of one week's notice that a participant is unable to attend, details of later blocks will be provided enabling completion of all booked blocks.

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