British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD)

The BILD Physical Interventions Accreditation scheme was launched in April 2002. The setup of the scheme was funded by the Department for Education and Skills and the Department of Health and underpinned by joint guidance, 'Guidance on the Use of Restrictive Physical Interventions; how to provide safe services for people with learning disabilities and autism' (BILD, 2012).

NAPPI was first accredited with the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) in 2003 and holds accreditation until June 2019.

In 2013, NAPPI became the first training provider to be represented during the reaccreditation process by a servicer user. Tony from Nottingham impressed the BILD panel by explaining his personal experience of the NAPPI model of Positive Behaviour Support. In 2016, Tony became a BILD Accredited Trainer, delivering modules on his personal view of Positive Behaviour Support and his involvement in Developing a Training Partnership.

Feedback from the BILD Accreditation Panel (23 June 2016):

"The panel was pleased to note evidence of the continuing development of NAPPI training, especially the PBS Cloud initiative."

Feedback from the BILD assessor (8 June 2016):

"The development of a service user to achieve the status of trainer, at a pace dictated by the service user with skilled and sensitive use of support, is an exemplary piece of work that could serve as a model for other organisations."

"NAPPI UK is a mature organisation with a well developed programme of training based upon its own theoretical framework. They have worked hard to incorporate the BILD Code into this framework so that it complements their approach."

Feedback from the BILD Accreditation Panel (20 June 2013):

"A very good and clear presentation of evidence including the presentation by Tony, the first service user to present at panel."

"The organisation continues to demonstrate the advance to the code and how this has a positive influence on service users' lives."

Feedback from the BILD assessor (10-12 June 2013):

"Particularly significant is the additional emphasis and importance placed on the 'green behaviour scale', this supports the evidence base for Positive Behaviour Support and equips participants and trainers with a sound knowledge base on which to build proactive strategies for individuals they support."

"It is also pleasing to see, in addition to taught course developments, the further developments of the organisational account system which manages the monitoring, recording and administration of courses, trainers and participants."

"The team of principal instructors observed were of a very high professional standard, with a rich and varied range of experiences, all with the ability to demonstrate good application of theoretical content to everyday practice."

"The assessor notes the pleasing evidence of training being implemented in practice and of the active role that service users, for whom the training is intended to benefit, being involved in the delivery of training sessions, giving a powerful insight into the achievements of successful implementation of the taught curriculum."

Feedback from the BILD Accreditation Panel (2010):

"Panel thanks NAPPI UK for another high quality submission, particularly bearing in mind the short time to prepare it after the introduction of the new Code of Practice."

"Panel notes and welcomes the developments since 2007."

"Panel was particularly impressed with the evidence provided of how the organisation is reviewing the impact on the operation of the organisation of the Code of Practice 2010."

"Panel believes NAPPI UK to be a reflective organisation and commends it for this."