Reducing Resistance to Essential Care Trainer Course

Reducing Resistance to Essential Care training increases your employees understanding of the resistance that often occurs during care delivery. The emphasis of this training is upon the assessment and prevention of resistance encountered from service users when (for example) urgent medical attention is required or when personal care can no longer be postponed. The level of resistance needs to be assessed and appropriately supported, to ensure a service user's needs are met in a safe and dignified manner.

Well trained employees recognise resistance to their delivery of care and are able to determine the urgency of specific care tasks. While care provided without resistance is our aim, we recognise that there are occasions when a further delay to care delivery would not be considered 'best interests'. At this point, employees follow the Essential Care Holding Timeline, a sequence of 10 steps that provides structure for a best practice response.

The Reducing Resistance to Essential Care programme has been newly developed for 2014 although greatly influenced by the wider NAPPI approach to positive behaviour support in the UK since 1995.

Training of Trainer Programmes

NAPPI uk has been providing training to the care industry for nearly 20 years. Throughout this time we have successfully developed hundreds of care industry employees to become trainers within their own organisations.

Having your own in-house trainer has many benefits and can be a cost effective solution for most organisations.

New trainers will undergo an intensive 5 day programme lead by our experienced senior trainers. Once qualified, new trainers will have access to our online trainer support system that allows the trainer to register and submit their courses for audit and certification by NAPPI uk.

On successful completion of the course, participants will be able to deliver interactive training from as little as one hour (as part of a staff meeting), up to two full days.

Course objectives

The training of trainer (TOT) course provides a sound technical and practical understanding of the Reducing Resistance to Essential Care programme. The course also develops the learner's confidence in the training delivery by highlighting key presentation skills and providing a solid structure to follow. This ensures each new trainer is capable of delivering the training in a clear, concise and informative way.

Health & social care workers who support, or come into contact with vulnerable adults.

Requirements for being a NAPPI Trainer

All trainer candidates must have had a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. No person is eligible to deliver NAPPI training who might normally be prevented from working with vulnerable persons under statutory provision.

A trainer who is required to deliver OCN (London) endorsed training, or the RRN Certificated training will need to meet the trainer specification.

Selection of Potential Trainers

When selecting individuals to send on this course the organisation should consider if the individual has both relevant work-based experience and good attitude to the principles of promoting good practice in the interests of the customers they serve. It is an advantage, not a requirement, to have previous presentation skills. The course teaches delivery and presentation skills so the main consideration should be whether the individual has a positive attitude and credibility within the staff team.

Restraint training requires a certain level of physical fitness in the trainer. It is important that the trainer understands what is required prior to attending this course.

NAPPI/RREC Level 1 (5 days)

Oxford (Milton Hill House) 19-06-2023
Scarborough (Crown Hotel) 18-09-2023

NAPPI/RREC Level 2 (3 days) 

We will shortly be adding more dates

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