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Back to the future - training company collaborates with moving and handling experts to help carers and their clients.

Specialist trainers NAPPI uk teamed up with Workfit Moving & Handling Solutions to introduce a new approach at the recent National Back Exchange annual conference. The outcome has received considerable praise and a desire to tap into this much needed solution.

NAPPI uk courses include Reducing Resistance to Essential Care (or RREC) and the company led a 100-minute workshop session at the major event. The company unlocked its toolbox of techniques to reduce pressure and resistance to the well-meaning care that is to be delivered.

It provided delegates with an understanding of the RREC training which can also be trained by an organisation's own trainers following attendance at a train the trainer programme.

Operations director Scott Edwards and trainer Emily Turner were joined in the session, at the NBE event at Hinckley, by Workfits Pam Simpson of who is a physiotherapist and moving and handling consultant.

Scott said: "The world of moving and handling introduces some fantastic solutions but questions relating to service user resistance have often gone unanswered."

"Carers, including myself when I started out, sometimes lack the courage of knowing how to respond to individuals showing behaviours of concern. Carers' ongoing dilemma of whether holding a person is appropriate in any given case is one we still hear of today."

"Our training showed it was important to seek co-operation with individuals, thus avoiding an increase in resistance and the need to hold while essential care is delivered."

"But, if needed to deliver essential care, we demonstrated techniques to respond effectively and safely for all parties."

"Our volunteer picked from the audience for the role of the client during a session on seated physical techniques said they felt reassured that the techniques caused no pain or discomfort."

Scott added: "We were told our presentation provided a useful 'missing element' and people were urged to contact us - which was very pleasing."

Delegates taking part in the NAPPI-led session included trainers and advises from NHS Trusts and local councils.

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