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Support workers given toolkit of proactive strategies

Prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes.

And that is very true when supporting a person whose behaviour can otherwise become challenging. Understanding this to be the communication of an unmet need and coaching alternative ways of communicating, relieves distress, reduces use of more reactive strategies and enhances quality of life.

Services successfully embedding the principles of NAPPI training report a host of positive outcomes for staff members too. Increased confidence among support workers leads to greater job satisfaction and lower turnover of staff. Reduced injury and absence rates are also commonly experienced with a significant financial saving realised.

NAPPI uk specialises in providing solutions to behaviours of concern, with an emphasis upon the principles of Positive Behaviour Support. BILD accredited Physical Intervention training can also be provided in the rare event behaviour coaching approaches are not immediately effective.

Sessions stress how the assessment of behaviour as well as the factors that precede and follow such instances is key to identifying the needs of the individual and how working in partnership we are able to modify the care plan to achieve positive outcomes.

The ethos harks back to the beginnings of NAPPI in 1977 - when Kurk Lalemand a qualified martial arts instructor in the USA was asked to design a programme for managing violence and aggression within secure hospital facilities - in a non-abusive way. He quickly realised the answer was not to be found in a sports-inspired physical approach but in developing therapeutic relationship where all of us 'win'. The evolution of this approach has continued into the NAPPI solutions available in the UK today.

NAPPI also provide train the trainer programmes enabling organisations to develop internal trainers.

These programmes not only teach the content of NAPPI training, but also how to ensure these important messages are understood and successfully transfer into everyday practice. The success of this approach has been incredible with NAPPI's ongoing support of trainers among their proudest achievements.

NAPPI uk Director of Education & Training Andy Skinner said: "Having joined NAPPI uk in 2001 I have been privileged to meet many hundreds of trainers. The passion that is evident within every group continues to astound me and the growth of individual trainers, many of whom have limited confidence at the beginning of a programme, makes us very proud to be part of such a journey".

Among the many positive comments recently written, this has to be our favourite: "I have always believed in the principles of NAPPI although this course has taken it to another level. When I return to work I will be on a NAPPI pilgrimage! Thank you all for your support!".

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