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NAPPI uk's wide-ranging care courses for October and November

NAPPI uk is a leading provider of training solutions to the care sector. And we have a range of courses lined up for October and November.

While we specialise in Managing Challenging Behaviour training, our professional trainers teach skills in a wide range of subjects through workshops and courses.

They range from practical help on how to reduce resistance to essential care and the sensitive area of end-of-life care, to awareness workshops on dementia, autism, mental health and epilepsy,

Replacing negative or unfocused cultures with positive approaches which generate cooperation and reduce stress and conflict are at the heart of what we do.

NAPPI uk also has special sessions to train trainers, and courses can be tailored to the specific needs of organisations and service users.

Upcoming trainer programmes include:

  • Reducing Resistance to Essential Care - November 19-23 (Nottingham)
  • NAPPI Level 1 - November 26-30 (Croydon)
  • Trainer skills Development Workshop - November 22 (Birmingham), November 29 (Enfield)
  • Awareness workshops include:

  • Autism - October 16 (Nottingham), October 31 (Croydon), November 21 (Birmingham), November 28 (Enfield)
  • Dementia - November 1 (Croydon)
  • End-of-life care - November 28 (Enfield)
  • Epilepsy - November 21 (Birmingham), November 27 (Enfield)
  • Mental Health - October 16 (Nottingham), November 1 (Birmingham), November 28 (Enfield)
  • Safeguarding Adults - October 12 (Nottingham), October 30 (Enfield), November 1 (Croydon) and (Birmingham)
  • MCA & DoLS - October 12 (Nottingham), October 30 (Enfield), October 31 (Croydon)
  • See more details under the Courses section of our website.

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