NAPPI + Midway Care = 100%

NAPPI is thrilled to announce that Midway Care has been recognised as the first NAPPI Affiliated Service Provider under the Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) Training Standards. This makes Midway Care one of the very first companies in the country to achieve this status. 

An Affiliated Service Provider is an organisation authorised to deliver the UKAS certified training curriculum, in-house to their employees.  Each Certified Training Provider is required to submit one organisation for a full review and Midway Care was the first to provide all the evidence.  This involved evidencing trainers’ qualifications, completing a Training Needs Analysis and Individual Risk Assessments, followed by an observation of training. Midway Care received an outstanding report from the BILD ACT Lead Assessor, with No Non-Conformities and No Areas of Concern.

The BILD Assessor commented that the trainer Nikki Terrell, “clearly operated from a substantial knowledge base, and strong value base around person-centred caring and support.”   Nikki shared that “The process of the affiliation was a great experience. Last year’s recertification with NAPPI gave me the knowledge and confidence with regards to the new standards.” 

Head of Service User Support Keeley Ward said, “After being involved with NAPPI for so long, it’s a great honour to become their first Affiliated Service Provider. As a company we welcome the new RRN Training Standards and are enjoying training our team in line with them.”

Midway Care has been the first, but others will soon follow. All onsite NAPPI organisations are currently working through the process towards becoming an Affiliated Service provider.