NAPPI Positive Behaviour Support Model (PBS) Level 1

Supporting learning during self-isolation or lock-down

NAPPI Level 1 training has traditionally been delivered face-to-face in a training room but the modular structure of the course makes it easily adapted to the NAPPI Distance Learning approach.

This is an ideal course for those who are in self-isolation or those in lock-down. The first 6 hours of this course is part of the mandatory content of the Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) Training Standards (2019). This course has recently been endorsed by the Open College Network (OCN) London.

Purpose of this training:

At a time of such uncertainty and with Health and Social Care services facing lock-down, there is naturally an increase in the factors that cause stress.

This is a particularly difficult time for individuals who have limited coping strategies and, through no fault of their own, are having the very things that help them cope removed from their lives. However hard care employees work at Primary Prevention Strategies, they too are under immense pressure at a time when their stress levels are being tested. Unfortunately the reality is that behaviour of concern is likely to increase.

At the very time you need your employees training in Positive Behaviour Support, to avoid the presence and escalation of Behaviour of Concern, it is the time that training in groups is to be avoided.

This training covers the following:

Method of training:

Distance Learning

Distance Learning is NOT the same as e.learning.  With Distance Learning, your tutor is with you, they are just not in the same room as you. This format has worked extremely well for a number of years for a range of topics such as Positive Behaviour Support, Assessing and Teaching Qualifications.


The NAPPI Positive Behaviour Support Model is six hours of training that can be delivered in one-day, over two-days or in four sections over four-days.

Next Steps:

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