RRN Conversion Course (blended)

During the continued COVID-19 crisis we aim to reduce contact time as much as possible, whilst ensuring the quality of delivery of essential training. We offer a blended approach to training, including recertification. Psychological modules can be taught via remote delivery and essential physical skills can be taught in-person.

Recertification training

Day 1. (6 hours via Remote Delivery). 

Blocks 1 & 2:  Amber Awareness, SMART Principles, Red Behaviour Scale and Documentation Activity (90 mins)

Blocks 3 & 4: Care Team Responses and Green Behaviour Scale (90 mins)

Block 6: Human Rights and Stay in the Box (90 mins)

Block 7:  Types of Restraint and Restraint Reduction Planning (90 mins)


Day 2. (6 hours by In-Person Delivery)

Restraint Related Deaths (30 mins)

Mechanics of Breathing & Vital Signs (45 mins)

Non-Restrictive Tertiary (Self-Protection) Skills as identified through TNA (80 mins)

Restrictive Tertiary Skills (RPI) as identified through TNA (115 mins)

Holding Events Timeline and Teamwork Roles & Rules (30 mins)

SMART Holding Avoidance (60 mins)

Next Steps 

Please call and speak with one of our team on 01723 353353 or email info@nappiuk.com.