Interim Certification

NAPPI uk recognise that there are many reasons why a trainer might not be able to attend their scheduled recertification training. Individuals live lives that include health problems, lost loved ones, new lives entering the world, plus a heap of other factors.

NAPPI uk has a Solution 

While we are no longer able to extend certification dates, we are able to provide ‘Interim Certification’, which enables later attendance, with trainers returning to their usual recertification programme in subsequent years. 

Interim Certification is a means for an individual to maintain their trainer status until such time they can attend a regular trainer programme. Trainer certification would in this way be continuous, ensure continued competence (and confidence) until we can be together again in-person.

Interim Certification involves assessment of:  

Assessment of values and attitudes 

An informal discussion will assess values and attitude towards restraint reduction initiatives.

Assessment of knowledge 

Attendance of two 90-minute modules delivered via NAPPI Remote Delivery. Topics March 2020 to March 2021 are:

Once Interim Certification has been agreed a trainer will be sent dates of Interim topics. Booking onto these sessions should be made by emailing

Assessment of Physical skill Competency 

This requires the trainer to have access to a colleague for the purpose of demonstrating accurate application and trainer-delivery of the skills at each level of their certification.

Each check takes approximately half an hour per level. NAPPI Laminates and Crib cards can be used during the demonstration of trainer-delivery of the skill to demonstrate competence, Coaching will be provided as required to ensure accurate performance of previously accomplished skills is achieved.


The cost of Interim Certification is determined using a pro-rata (recertification) rate. Fees charged would equate the pro-rata period of Interim certification only. Then a charge (equating the remainder of the year) would be made when a trainer later attends the programme in-person. In this way, across the year, the cost of certification is no different to the initial committed investment.

How to Apply 

Interim Certification will not be automatically granted to all who request it. For example, if action plans are in place, or concerns have been raised through the submission process, then it will not be agreed; therefore each request will be viewed independently. To apply for Interim Certification: