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Care Certificate

The 'Care Certificate' consists of 15 units, and replaces the current Induction Standards. As part of this new scheme, all care providers are required to keep accurate records of their staff's progress, and record evidence to show that staff have undergone and understand each unit.

NAPPI have launched 'Care Certificate Direct' as a tool to help you streamline this process by giving you a simple, central, and secure place to record this information and log evidence of understanding of each unit. The system allows learners to log in, write reflections, upload documents, and engage with assessors for each unit to ensure they meet the criteria.

Care Certificate Direct is currently being trialled by a number of our clients and will be available to all in the near future. If you would like to be considered as a participant in the trial then please contact

Level 3 Award in assessing competence in the workplace.

The Care Certificate was introduced in April 2015 to replace the Common Induction Standards. It is completed at the start of a career journey for healthcare assistants and adult social care support workers. It requires that employees are assessed for their competency in the workplace, and for their underpinning knowledge.

This two-day programme has been developed to enable those tasked with completing assessments, to develop knowledge and increase confidence when undertaking assessments of competence within the workplace.

"New staff should be supported and assessed as competent to carry out their role." (CQC, Regulation 18)

The content of this course includes:

  • Practice assessments of Care Certificate specific criteria
  • Assessment of skills tests
  • Assessments using oral and written questions
  • Assessments using assignments, projects and case studies
  • Recognising Accredited Prior Learning (APL)
  • The Award in Assessing Competence in the Work Environment consists of two mandatory units:

  • Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment
  • Assess Occupational Competence in the Work Environment
  • Guidelines state that your care certificate assessors should, at the very least, be familiar with the National Occupational Standard (NOS) LSILADD09. The Level 3 Award in Assessing Competence in the Workplace covers all of the performance criteria and knowledge & understanding required to complete LSILADD09. Click here to download NOS LSILADD09 mapping datasheet.

    For more details on the Level 3 Award in Assessing Competence in the Workplace please click here.

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