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To book one of our courses please select a course and date from the list below and either contact NAPPI on 01723 353353 and ask for a booking form or book and pay online via the link to the right of the course date and venue.

Safeguarding Adults Trainer Course
31-05-2018Bristol (Create Centre)
19-06-2018Birmingham (Cranmore Park)

Dementia Awareness Trainer Course
19-06-2018Bristol (Create Centre)
12-07-2018Enfield (Wenta Business Centre)

Mental Capacity Act and DoLS Trainer Course
30-05-2018Bristol (Create Centre)
07-06-2018Enfield (Wenta Business Centre)

Autism Awareness Trainer Course
12-10-2018Nottingham (DoubleTree)

Mental Health Awareness Trainer Course
20-06-2018Bristol (Create Centre)
17-07-2018Nottingham (DoubleTree)
31-07-2018Manchester (Redbank House)

Epilepsy Awareness Trainer Course
26-07-2018Coventry (The Welcome Centre)
27-07-2018Enfield (Wenta Business Centre)

Managing Challenging Behaviour Level 1 Training of Trainer Course
04-06-2018Nottingham (Eastwood Hall)
10-09-2018Scarborough (Palm Court)
26-11-2018Croydon (Selsdon Park)

Managing Challenging Behaviour Level 2 Training of Trainer Course
24-09-2018Scarborough (Palm Court)

Managing Challenging Behaviour Level 1 Trainer Re-certification Course
11-06-2018Scarborough (Crown Hotel)
22-10-2018Scarborough (Crown Hotel)
12-11-2018Croydon (Selsdon Park)

Managing Challenging Behaviour Level 2 Trainer Re-certification Course
13-06-2018Scarborough (Crown Hotel)
13-06-2018Scarborough (Crown Hotel)
24-10-2018Scarborough (Crown Hotel)
14-11-2018Croydon (Selsdon Park)

Managing Challenging Behaviour Level 3 Training of Trainer Course
14-06-2018Scarborough (Crown Hotel)
14-06-2018Scarborough (Crown Hotel)
25-10-2018Scarborough (Crown Hotel)
15-11-2018Croydon (Selsdon Park)

Reducing Resistance to Essential Care

A Lived Experience
08-06-2018Nottingham (Eastwood Hall)
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